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    Living the Bloglyfe

    I am so excited that you are here! Thank you for subscribing to this blog and sharing it with all of your friends :D

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    Enjoy the "hands-on" approach?

    Create projects with your bare hands! You simply cannot buy the masterpieces that you can create on your own. Remember, "If you want something done, Do It Your Savvy Self!"

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    Awareness is necessary!

    Awareness is a broad topic, but the one thing that remains consistent is the necessity of it. Without awareness, change cannot occur. Read and be inspired!

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    Our furry friends need us!

    Our pets are family, but there are so many out there that need "furever" homes! Sunny wants to highlight amazing animals everywhere and show the world that Furbaby Lives Matter!

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Who is Savvy?

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I am a coffee fanatic, flower sniffer, music lover, and epic dog freak. I despise ignorance and cruelty and will stand my ground when it comes to protecting the innocent. I'm just a stubborn Samoan/Hawaiian living on the mainland. I don't ask for much, expect very little, and always give my all. I know a little about a lot, some random, some not. Hmm...add poet to that list, too!
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Sunny's Story

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From abused dog to shelter dog-- and now a rescue dog! His history will upset you, his determination will inspire you, and his new life will make you smile. Take a look at Sunny's amazing story of survival and how he came to be my spoiled furbabe! I truly have to wonder, "Who rescued whom?" (**NOTE: PETS section is moving! Please go and subscribe to FUReal.net!!**)

What else is Savvy up to?

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I have been working very hard on two other blogs! The PETS section of Savvy Self is moving to its own home! You can find all things pets at FUReal.net. Also, because I struggle with INFERTILITY, I decided to create a new blog for that as well. I have a couple posts here, but this issue is such a big part of my life that it can truly stand on its own. That blog address is MyBabyWish.net. Both are still in development but I'm excited to get them going for all of you to see!

Special Sections of Savvy Self

Here are a few things you can find within Savvy Self.

Creating your own masterpiece is far superior to any store-bought item. Time, attention, and patience goes into each DIY project. That is truly priceless!

Be inspired to ignite a desire to seek positive change. Awareness is really a blanket term, but such an important one that encompasses the importance of being aware. Without awareness, there can be no change!

**PETS is moving to its own domain! Please join us at FUReal.net** My blogDog, Sunny, speaks from the heart in this section of Savvy Self. He really wants everyone to know that his furry friends need help. You can do this through spay & neuter, rescue, foster, volunteering, and adoption!

The Monthly Insight Blogazine features each month's interesting quirks, facts, and weird celebrations. Every year we will be adding something new. 2016 is featuring the Wild, Weird, and Whacky odd-ball holidays that you didn't know existed. Celebrate more than tradition and have fun!

Latest Blog Posts

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